Dr. Daniel Wangpraseurt 



2017-2020       Global Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow  


Bioinspired photonics group

Department of Chemistry

University of Cambridge



 Marine Biological Research Division

Scripps Institution of Oceanography


2016-2017          Carlsberg Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

2015-2016          Postdoctoral Fellow


Marine Biological Section

University of Copenhagen




PhD    2015     University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, President’s Scholar

“Microscale optics and coral photobiology” 

Chancellor’s list of top 5 PhD theses in 2015/2016

MSc   2010     Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology & Center for Tropical Ecology, International studies in aquatic tropical ecology & management

Distinction Award (top of class), GPA 3.90/4, Excellent Pass with Distinction

BSc    2008     James Cook University, Australia    

Academic Medal, GPA 6.50/7, undergraduate studies in Marine Biology

Pre-diploma    2007     University of Hamburg, Germany

German Pre-Diploma, 1.0 (outstanding in all final examinations), undergraduate studies in Biology



2019               Henry Royce Entrepreneurship sponsor (1500 GBP)

2017-2020      Global Marie Curie Fellowship (253 000 Euro).

2017-2018      DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship (awarded by the Society but declined)

2016               Carlsberg Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship (awarded a total of DKK 1167221)          

2015               Ocean Microscale Biophysics Travel Grant (NSF, $2000)

2014               Danielle Simmons Award (Australian Coral Reef Society, $2500)

2014               Conference Travel Grant (Australian Coral Reef Society, $300)

2014               Science for Management Award (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, $1000)

2014               Vice Chancellor’s Travel Award (UTS, $2500)

2013               People’s Choice Award and Runner’s up Award ($1500)

                      Three minute thesis presentation, University of Technology, Sydney

2012-2014     President’s Scholar

                      University of Technology, Sydney ($63000)

2011-2012     International Research Scholar

                      University of Technology, Sydney ($31500)

2010              DAAD Fellow

                      German Academic Exchange Service ($2000)


2016               Chancellor’s award for top 5 PhD theses at the University of Technology, Sydney     2013               Honourable mention for best student presentation,Australasian Society for Phycology    and Aquatic Botany

2013               Student Presentation Runner’s up Award at the University Finals and People’s Choice    Award at the Faculty of Science Finals, University of Technology, Sydney.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4YjB-AxhNU

2010               Distinction Award for best MSc thesis and coursework in the postgraduate study   program ISATEC

                      University of Bremen

2008               Academic Medal for excellent coursework studies at the undergraduate level

                      James Cook University, Australia

2008               Dean’s List Recipient

                      James Cook University, Australia

<2008             Selected for BEGYS-Class (German Elite High School Students, 1 year reduced school time)


2019-current    Postdoc affairs Committee @ Cambridge University

2016-current    Guest Associate Editor (Frontiers in Marine Science)

2015-current    Editorial Board for Frontiers in Marine Science (Review Editor)

2014-2015       Editor of the Australian Coral Reef Society’s newsletter

2013-2015       Councillor for the Australian Coral Reef Society

2011-2012       Student representative for the Faculty Board of Science, University of Technology, Sydney


2019               European Algae Biomass Organization. Novel Foods workshop. Brussels, Belgium

2019               European Algae Biomass Organization. Standardization workshop. Brussels, Belgium

2019               Participant in a large number of career development programs @ Cambridge

University (e.g. leadership skills, self-coaching)

2019               Participant in University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship workshop (Impulse

program, May-July), Cambridge, UK 

2018               Algae Biomass Summit. Greater Woodlands, Texas, USA

2012-2019      Over 10 research expeditions (as lead, co-lead & student) on Heron Island, Great

Barrier Reef, Australia

2011-2012      Climate justice campaigning for Friends of the Earth, Sydney, Australia

2011               Workshop on microsensor analysis in environmental science, Jutland, Denmark

2010               Fundraising for Friends of the Earth, London, UK

2010               Coral Reef Research on reef degradation on a fisherman’s island, Derawan, East

Kalimantan, Indonesia 

2009              Workshop on advancing science and marine management, Java, Indonesia

2009              Volunteer for Fisheries Scientist Prof Daniel Pauly, University of British Columbia)

2009               Member of the workshop group Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Meerforschung (German

Marine Science foundation), Hamburg, Germany

2008               Intern in marine invasive species projects, Bangkok, Thailand

2006               Intern at Curiquingue, Rainforest restoration with indigenous communities, Tena,



2019               Recognising Plant Physiology first authors

2017               OCT news feature of the week.

2016               Carlsberg distinguished postdoctoral grant and Chancellor’s list interview.

2016               Ocean sciences presentation featured in Science:


2014               Interview with livescience about coral tissue light trapping

2014               Interview with the Journal of Experimental Biologyfeatured in Editor’s choice

2014               Interview with UTS media about coral light transfer

2014               Press release on coral radiative energy budgets

2013               University of Technology Sydney media release, video: Three minute thesis

2012               Press release on light gradients in coral tissues



Google Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.dk/citations?user=p5AxRRMAAAAJ&hl=en

Researchgate Profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Daniel_Wangpraseurt


In prep

Martin N, Bernat T, Dinasquet J, Stoftko A, Vignolini S, Davey MP, Smith AS, Azam F, Wangpraseurt D. Synthetic algal-bacterial communities for sustainable microalgal growth.

Wangpraseurt D, Saidemann M, Johannsen V, Ogawa Y, Vignolini S, Deheyn DD.Ultrastructure and photonic properties of green fluorescent protein granules in corals reveal photoprotection to environmental stress.

Wangpraseurt D, Jaffe J, Fang Q. 3D Light propagation model of coral reefs.

Schull S, Jaffe J, Deheyn D, Kuhl M, Smith J, Wangpraseurt D. Coral-interactions monitored in vivousing optical coherence tomography.

Wangpraseurt D, Bollati E, Kuhl M, Wiedenmann J.Light modulation of corals by photoconvertible green fluorescent proteins.

Wangpraseurt D,Zhu B, Conley D, Kuhl M, Jaffe J. Optical coherence tomography as a novel tool for characterising coral surface area.

Wangpraseurt Det al. (Editorial, in Ebook Optics and Ecophysiology of Coral Reef Organisms.) Frontiers Series.


Submitted or published

30.      Wangpraseurt D, You S, Azam F, Hildebrand M, Gaidarenko O, Jacucci G, Kuhl M, Smith AS, Davey MP, Deheyn DD, Chen. Vignolini S. 2018 Highly productive cultivation of microalgae in bionic 3D printed corals (in review, Nature)

29.        Jacques SL, Wangpraseurt D, Kuhl M. 2018 Optical properties of corals determined with steady state diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. (in review, Frontiers in Marine Science)

28.        Lyndby N, Holm J, Wangpraseurt D, Ferrrier Pages C, Kuhl M. 2018 Bio-optical properties and radiative energy budgets in fed and starved scleractinian corals (Pocillopora damicornis) during thermal bleaching. Marine Ecology Progress Series (revision)

27.        Lyndby N, Holm J, Wangpraseurt D, Grover R, Rottier C, Kuhl M, Ferrier Pages C. 2018 Effects of feeding on the bleaching response of the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornisMarine Ecology Progress Series (revision)

26.      Ordonez A,Wangpraseurt D, Lyndby N, Kuhl M, Diaz-Pulido G. Elevated CO2leads to enhanced photosynthesis but decreases growth in early life stages of reef building coralline algae. 2018 Frontiers in Marine Science(accepted)

25.        Wangpraseurt D, Lichtenberg M, Jacques SL, Larkum AWD, Kuhl M. 2018 Optical properties of corals contrive variable chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. Plant Physiology(in press)

24.        Wangpraseurt D, Jacques SL, Lyndby N, Boisen Holm J, Ferrier Pages C, Kuhl M. Microscale light management and inherent optical properties of intact corals studied with optical coherence tomography. 2018 Journal of the Royal Society Interface(in press)

23.     Fisher A, Wangpraseurt D,Larkum AWD, Kuhl M, Vogwill R, Menderos J, Wong A, Burns B. Characterisation of bio-optical properties and distribution of photosynthetic pigments in microbial mats from Shark Bay, Australia. 2018 FEMS microbiology ecology(in press)

22.        Quinn A, …Wangpraseurt D… and Dorrestein P. 2018 Niche Partitioning of an Infectious Microbiome Driven By Chemical Gradients. Science Advances4,9

21.     Frommlet J, Wangpraseurt D*, Sousa M, Guimaraes B, da Silvia M, Kuhl M, Serodia J. Symbiodinium-induced formation of microbialites: Mechanistic insights from in vitro experiments and the prospect of its occurrence in nature. 2018Frontiers in Microbiology9:998* shared first author

20.     Goessling, J. W., Su, Y., Cartaxana, P., Maibohm, C., Rickelt, L. F., Trampe, E., Walby, S., Wangpraseurt, D., Wu, X., Ellegaard, M., and Kühl, M. (2018) Structure-based optics of centric diatom frustules: Modulation of the in vivo light field for efficient diatom photosynthesis. New Phytologist219(1), 122-134

19.     Sønderholm, M., Koren, K., Wangpraseurt, D., Jensen, P. Ø., Kolpen, M., Kragh, K. N., Bjarnsholt, T., and Kühl M. 2018 Tools for studying growth patterns and chemical dynamics of aggregated Pseudomonas aeruginosa exposed to different electron acceptors in an alginate bead model. npj Biofilms & Microbiomes4: 3

18.     Wangpraseurt, D., Holm, J. B., Larkum, A. D. L., Pernice, M., Ralph, P. J., Sugget, D. J., and Kühl, M. 2017 In vivomicroscale measurements of light and photosynthesis during coral bleaching: evidence for the optical feedback loop? Frontiers in Microbiology 8:59

17.     Chan, N., Wangpraseurt, D., Kühl, M., and Connolly, S. 2017 Correction for Chan et al., Flow and coral morphology control coral surface pH: Implications for the effects of ocean acidification. Frontiers in Marine Science3:10. doi:10.3389/fmars.2017.00226

16.        Wangpraseurt, D.Wentzel, C., Jacques, S. L., Wagner, M., and Kühl, M. 2017 In vivo imaging of coral tissue and skeleton with optical coherence tomography. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14: 20161003; DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2016.1003

15.     Chan NCS, Wangpraseurt D, Kühl M, and Connolly SR.  2016 Flow and Coral Morphology Control Coral Surface pH: Implications for the Effects of Ocean Acidification. Frontiers in Marine Science3, 10.

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11.        Wangpraseurt D, Pernice M, Guagliardo P, Kilburn M, Clode P, Polerecky L, and Kühl M. 2015. Light microenvironment and single-cell gradients of carbon fixation in tissues of symbiont-bearing corals. ISME Journaldoi: 10.1038/ismej.2015.133

10.          Sandel V, Martinez-Fernandez, Wangpraseurt D, Sierra L. Ecology and management of the invasive lionfish Pterois volitans/miles complex (Perciformes: Scorpaenidae) in Southern Costa Rica. 2015. International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation63 (1), 213-22

9.          Wangpraseurt D, Larkum AWD, Franklin J, Szabo M, Ralph PJ and Kühl M. 2014. Lateral light transfer ensures efficient resource distribution in symbiont-bearing corals. Journal of Experimental Biology 217, 489-498 Selected as Editor’s choice JEB feature article and cover picture; covered by Livescience

8.       Elgetti Brodersen K, Lichtenberg M, Ralph PJ, Kühl M and Wangpraseurt D. 2014. Radiative energy budget reveals high photosynthetic efficiency in symbiont-bearing corals. Journal of the Royal Society Interface11(9): 20130997 

7.          Wangpraseurt D, Pernice M, Nielsen DA, Larkum AWD, Weber M, Ralph PJ, Polerecky L, Kühl M. 2014. The in situlight microenvironment of coralsLimnology and Oceanography59(3), 917-926

6.       Schrameyer V, Wangpraseurt D, Hill R, Kuhl M, Larkum AWD, Ralph PJ. 2014. Light respiratory processes and gross photosynthesis in two scleractinian corals.PloS ONE9(10): e110814.

5.       Szabo M*, Wangpraseurt D*, Tamburic B, Larkum AWD, Kühl M, Schreiber U, Ralph PJ. 2014. Functional light absorption and absolute electron transport rates in the coral Pocillopora damicornisPlant physiology and biochemistry83: 159-167 * authors contributed equally

4.          Wangpraseurt D, and Kühl M. 2014. Direct and diffuse light propagation through coral tissue. Proc. SPIE8941, Optical Interactions with Tissue and Cells XXV; and Terahertz for Biomedical Applications, 894117

3.          Wangpraseurt D, Tamburic B, Szabó M, Suggett D, Ralph PJ, and Kühl M. 2014. Spectral effects on Symbiodinium photobiology studied with a programmable light engine PLoS ONE9: e112809. doi:10.137

2.          Wangpraseurt D, Larkum AWD, Ralph PJ, Kühl M. 2012. Light gradients and optical microniches in coral tissues. Frontiers in Microbiology3:316

1.          Wangpraseurt D, Weber M, Polerecky L, Roy H, Suharsono S, De Beer D, Nugues MM. 2012. In situ oxygen dynamics in coral-algal interactions. PLoS ONE7(2): e31192.



Wangpraseurt D, You S, Hildebrand M, Gaidarenko O, Iacucci G, Kuhl M, Zhu B, Deheyn D, Chen S & Vignolini S. 2018 Living light meeting, University of Cambridge, UK.

Wangpraseurt D, You S, Hildebrand M, Gaidarenko O, Deheyn D, Chen S. & Vignolini S 2018. Gordon Research Conference on Multifunctional Materials and Structures. Ventura, USA.

Lyndby N, Holm J,Wangprasurt D, Ferrier Pages C, Kuhl M 2018.International Society for Reef Studies European Meeting

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Wangpraseurt D, Jacques S, Pernice M and Kühl M. 2015. Ocean Microscale Biophysics Meeting, Aspen, USA

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Wangpraseurt D, Jacques S, Szabo M, Tamburic B, Suggett D, Ralph P and Kühl M. 2014. Australian Coral Reef Society Annual Meeting, Brisbane, Australia

Wangpraseurt D, Jacques S and Kühl M. 2014. BiOS, SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, USA

Wangpraseurt D, Larkum AWD, Ralph PJ, and Kühl M. 2013. Australiasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany, Sydney, Australia.Honourable mention for best student presentation. 

Wangpraseurt D, Larkum AWD, Ralph PJ, and Kühl M. 2013 International Graduate School for Biophotonics, Hven, Sweden

Wangpraseurt D, Larkum AWD, Ralph PJ, and Kühl M. 2013. Australian Coral Reef Society Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia 

Wangpraseurt D, Franklin J, Larkum AWD, Kühl M. 2012. International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia

Ralph PJ, Wangpraseurt D, Schrameyer V, Hill R, Larkum AWD, Kühl M. 2012. International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia

Wangpraseurt D, Polerecky L, Weber M, De Beer D, Nugues MM. 2010. International Society for Reef Studies European Meeting, Wageningen, Netherlands



2018               Supervisor of four undergraduate students (sustainable culture of microalgae for


2018               Supervisor of one undergraduate student (Development of novel methods for

measuring coral degradation)

2017-              Co supervisor of one PhD student. (Development of remote sensing methods for

coral reef degradation)

2018               Guest Lecturer. Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Cell Physiology: Prof


2018               Guest Lecturer. Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Phycology: Marine Plant

Biology SIO 183/283, Prof Jennifer Smith)

2018               Supervisor of 2 undergraduate interns (Algal cultivation for biofuels)

2017               Supervisor of 2 undergraduate interns (Coral GFP optics and tomographic image


2016               Supervisor of two MSc students (Coral bleaching)

2015               Supervisor of one MSc student (The role of fluorescent proteins in coral bleaching)

2011- 2014     During my PhD I supervised a total of 4 students. I co-supervised 2 MSc students

and 2 BSc students on coral stress physiology. 

2011-2013      Tutor for core 1styear biology subjects (the Biosphere and Biocomplexity) at the

University of Technology, Sydney

2011-2012       External supervisor of one MSc student (Invasive marine species in Costa Rica)

2008-2009       Tutor for the 3rdyear BSc biology class Plant physiology at the University of Bremen, Germann


Cambridge Cleantech

International Society for Reef Studies

Algae Biomass Organisation

European Algae Biomass Association


Bilingual German-English, Conversational in Spanish and Thai

Global traveling experience on land and water, diver & surfer


Post Doc mentor       Dr Silvia Vignolini (University of Cambridge)

PhD mentors            Prof Michael Kühl (University of Copenhagen)

Prof Anthony WD Larkum (University of Technology Sydney0

Prof Peter J Ralph (University of Technology Sydney)

MSc mentors            Dr Dirk de Beer (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology)

                                 Dr Maggy Nugues (ZMT, Bremen)

Key collaborators      Prof Jennifer Smith (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

                                 Prof Jules Jaffe (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

                                 Dr Dimitri Deheyn (Scripps Institution of Oceanography

                                 Dr Davey Kline (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

                                 Prof Farooq Azam (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

                                 Prof Alison Smith (University of Cambridge)

                                 Prof Christine Ferrier Pages (Centre Scientifique de Monaco)